Easter holiday workshops and classes

last update March 29, 2017

last update March 29, 2017

La roulotte polyglotte is available during the holidays for :

Songs and nursery rhymes in English followed by an Easter egg hunt.

Cost : 5 EUR

Doubts, questions about English or French grammar? A private class will give you the opportunity to ask all of your questions and together we will find a way to demystify the foreign language.

Cost : from 20 EUR for a 1 hour class.

Looking to organise a fun activity for your children during the holidays but don't want to have to have to go far? The polyglotte is full of ideas to entertain but also to learn while having fun.

Cost : from 50 EUR per workshop, for 3 to 6 children.

If you are interested by either of these holiday suggestions please contact me by email at info@laroulottepolyglotte.com or by phone on 06 26 33 17 69.